Below are the 5 nearest locations to Antrim, Antrim.

  • Drumaness

    Min. Age 4

    From €25.00 | 28 miles from Antrim, Antrim

  • Holyhead, Anglesey

    Min. Age 5

    From £45.00 | 117 miles from Antrim, Antrim

  • Elterwater, Lake District

    Min. Age 10

    From £63.00 | 128 miles from Antrim, Antrim

    In the heart of the Lake District a fantastic bushcraft and survival skills experience awaits! Your starting point will be the picturesque Elterwater village and with the guidance of our experienced instructors you'll master everything from fire lighting to shelter building and much, much more. Choose from a full day session or go for the 24 hour experience to really test your survival skills! Either way you're guaranteed an enjoyable and rewarding experience and one that you're sure to remember for years to come!
  • Edinburgh

    Min. Age 16

    From £397.00 | 148 miles from Antrim, Antrim

  • Dalkeith

    Min. Age 8

    From £421.00 | 148 miles from Antrim, Antrim